Sudhir Sandhu

Welcome to my personal website. I am Indian by birth, Canadian by choice and global in outlook. I am a product of the places and people that have influenced me. The first fifteen years of my life in India taught me to be kind and gave me an understanding that we are truly individual parts of a very large living planet. We are inherently and inextricably connected with all that is around us.

Moving to Canada as a teenager added other elements like individualism and taught me to value self-determination and individual rights more. Finding the balance between the two has been an interesting journey and I am glad to have been on it.

Through this journey of learning and practicing and making mistakes, I have landed at a place of confidence and certainty about managing organizations and working with people. Much has been said and written about “managing” people. I don’t think it’s about managing people. It is about creating environments where people look forward to coming to work. The rest is easy to take care of.

Other than work, I enjoy writing for an online publication, want to read far more than I have time to and want to start knocking off more things on my bucket list. The top two are learning to fly and completing at least part of the Camino de Santiago. Yes, I plan to fly before I take the long walk.

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