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A Brief History of Racism

Every human life begins with a sperm and an egg. From this union of the two, comes a human being. The resulting human hasn’t a damn thing to do with the its own creation. The birth of a human is a random accident.  The ‘sperm meets egg event’ could create a human of any colour, … Continue reading A Brief History of Racism

An Indian and the Witch’s Hut

It was 1981. I had recently moved to Canada. I was a few months past being called a “turban head” or “rag head”, the favourite racist terms for Sikhs who wore turbans. A few months after moving to Canada as a Sikh teenager, my family marched me down to a hair dresser to get my … Continue reading An Indian and the Witch’s Hut


As the COVID-19 pandemic moves across the planet, it threatens our economic and personal health. This small little virus that originated in another animal species, is now a human problem. With millions infected and tens of thousands already dead, the pandemic has inflicted significant casualties. The economic fallout is just starting to be felt and … Continue reading Pandeconomy

Trudeau v Trump and People v Pocketbooks

We are on a collision course with America. Under Donald trump’s leadership, our southern neighbour is headed towards putting economics over lives. Trump has been clear; if push comes to shove, money matters more. In his words, the “cure cannot be worse than the problem itself”. Trump has said he wants America back to work … Continue reading Trudeau v Trump and People v Pocketbooks

Polarizing policies divided India’s electrorate

New Delhi is India’s capital city. It is also an Indian state with its own government. On February 8, 2020, the State of Delhi held elections. The main contestants were the Aam Admi (Common Man) Party (AAP), the state wing of Prime Minister Modi’s Bhartiya Janata (Indian People’s) Party (BJP) and the iconic Congress Party … Continue reading Polarizing policies divided India’s electrorate

Once Upon a Time in Iran

Is Donald Trump to blame for the downing of Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 shortly after the aircraft took off from Tehran’s International Airport? Or does the blame lie solely with Iranian regime and its Revolutionary Guard unit that fired the deadly missiles? As with most issues these days, there are hard, irreconcilable opinions held by … Continue reading Once Upon a Time in Iran

Yesterday’s Regret, Tomorrow’s Promise

As 2019 gives way to a new decade, another year is past us. Each passing year gives us an opportunity for reflection and for resolving to accomplish more in the year ahead. As the clock turns, we celebrate what was good or feel, for at least a moment, that yesterday’s troubles are indeed far away. … Continue reading Yesterday’s Regret, Tomorrow’s Promise